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OFFTIME is a young post-technology Startup based in Spain. This app gives you space to breathe in our hyper-connected world. For set periods of time of your choice, the service blocks disruptive notifications, calls or SMS… Access to applications that tempt you is then restricted. Those who want to learn more about their digital habits can also receive information about their smartphone usage with the help of ‘Insights.’ OFFTIME – the company – also offers unplug and digital detox workshops and retreats.

The OFFTIME app is divided into two core areas: Activity Overview and Activity Regulation. The overview provides insights into digital habits, it also shows which features and apps are used often and with which contacts you interact the most. Via the regulatory functions, you can set which features, apps or contacts should be disabled or blocked during the so-called “OFFTIME”

With OFFTIME, further smartphone functions can be limited whilst defining personal or business exceptions, such as your spouse, your business partner or favorite app. Additional filters recognize emergency requests so that urgent calls, ones that are made several times in succession from an unknown number for example, can get through anyway. People and moments important to you will not be missed. Within the OFFTIME app, the “time-out” period can be determined starting immediately. However, it can also be set from a pre-determined time frame in the next 12 hours, perfect for situations such as important meetings. Profiles can be created individually – for example following activity categories such as family, work concentration or the weekend. This ensures that the correct settings are enabled for every situation.

To counteract the pressures of permanent availability expectations, there is a so-called Offtime “protocol” that provides a complete overview of all missed events. This is so that at the end of one’s “time-out,” important tasks can be dealt with quickly. The advantage to many conventional sleep modes or complete smartphone shutdowns is that you can see calls, text messages and apps at a glance before responding. In addition, custom auto-responses can be pre-defined within OFFTIME; for example, you can inform callers of the reason for, and duration of, the unavailability. Consequently, users can proactively respond to any incoming activity without having to worry about doing so themselves.

Thank you for being here with us. We need your support in several ways. We invite you to:

  • Become an active beta tester
  • Contribute to the language community: translate@offtime.co
  • Share your feedback (suggestions or ideas)
  • Donate so that we can keep on developing new features and that OFFTIME fits your needs

Both functions are very outdated and have not seen any innovation in decades. We know that in the world, not everything is black or white: With OFFTIME, you can get an overview of your usage and customize your connectivity in a way that suits you – for every situation.

Whilst some fear to miss out, others just need to be available at all times. With OFFTIME:

  • You can give your full attention to your partner and your boss (or none)
  • You can receive an overview, and easily manage the protocol, of what happened while you were away
  • You can restrict your access to the internet or certain apps (it will almost be like having your old Nokia back!). This will limit distractions from the outside world and lets you focus on what’s important at hand.

While you enjoy an OFFTIME, a caller who is not on your whitelist will hear the usual phone ring, be redirected to your voicemail, and get the a friendly auto-reply SMS right afterwards. This SMS will also be received by those people who send you a text message during your ¨OFFTIME¨. You can adjust this note in the settings of your profile (Calls and SMS). As soon as your ¨OFFTIME¨ ends, you will see the log of all the missed events that took place during your ¨OFFTIME¨, such as calls and messages.

We recommend that you install the latest version from the Google Play Store or Apple store

If you’re interested in getting the latest features and fixes before everyone else, Join our Community to become a Beta tester.

We take data privacy very seriously. Personal data generated by OFFTIME stays encrypted on your phone and is not accessed by us or anyone else. We collect some anonymous elements about your OFFTIME app usage in order to improve usability and the general functions of the application.

Currently OFFTIME is available for smartphones, tablets (Android) and iOS phones. We are working to develop OFFTIME for Windows and Mac, Desktops and browsers such as Chrome or Firefox. For further updates and to become a beta-tester Please join our Community

If you are an OFFTIME user, please contact through the OFFTIME App and your question will be answered by our technical support team.