What does the OFFTIME app look like?

2013 _ OFFTIME _ app _ screens _ overview

Finally, we managed to put some screens here on our blog together of what the OFFTIME app looks like. Further, we invite you to join our live Google Hangout on Friday to meet us and ask any further questions you might have!

What is OFFTIME again? 😉

With the OFFTIME you can unplug in our hyperconnected world: Keep out all apps, phone calls and text messages that distract you and go back to concentrating on your work, a chat with a friend or simply a moment of peace and quiet. OFFTIME will look after everything else. That way you can be more efficient or recharge the batteries properly.

 Where are we in terms of development?

We are right now on Android in Alpha stage which means that over 80% of the functionality is there (see in this blog postings some of the functions and what the app does for you in more detail: Why don’t you just switch off the phone? Isn’t there already an app for this?) and the app runs already smoothly on most Android devices. However, it’s a complex issue we are working on: we live in a hyperconnected world, communication is essential and we wanna have your needs and special use cases with you on board.

With our Crowdfunding Campaign we want to push the whole development to the next level: You will have the working app before everyone else will get it, we will try to include your feedback and further needs in our further development and with the financial support you give us we will be able to bring the app to the market and start with further development (e.g. iPhone and other platforms).

 What does the app look like?

The app has quite some complex functionalities under its hood. We have a very strong focus on design and it is important to us to make the app to use as simple as possible to use. Here you can see some screens on our current version. As we do still some usability testing and quite some iterations right now, they might change again. 

2013 _ OFFTIME _ app _ screen _ this-is-OFFTIMEThe main screen with the standard profile ‘Focus’. You can add other profiles too, adjust them to your needs and automate it with your agenda.

    2013 _ OFFTIME _ app _ screen _ enjoyBlock screen while you are enjoying your Quality Time – you can decide how persistent this will be: none, soft, middle or even hardcore.

2013 _ OFFTIME _ app _ screen _ settingsThe settings menu: sweet and simple. 

2013 _ OFFTIME _ app _ screen _ eventlogA compact and actionable overview on what you missed during your OFFTIME.

2013 _ OFFTIME _ app _ screen _ habitlabSPECIAL – The Habit Lab: Get an overview again on how you use your devices.

How to get the app or how to support us?

You can support us by making your pledge on offtime.co/startnext (and get the app before everybody else) and by sharing this posting in your network with friends and colleagues! When you have more time, please feel free to join our community here: OFFTIME Community on Google Groups.

Just drop me a line if you have any other questions! We are happy to answer them! On Friday, 6 pm, we will also host a live Google Hangout where you can join and ask us directly everything you wanna know! More infos will follow here soon. Check back, or subscribe to our newsletter below. You can sign up and join the Hangout here: https://plus.google.com/u/0/events/ct4rof5p8gtc4vav9lnbppjlhg8

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