Smartphone before sex?



Almost every tenth person (9%) used the smartphone during sexual intercourse; 20% of those who admit this are 18 to 34 year old.

This was found by the Mobile Consumer Habit Survey, comissioned by Jumio, conducted with 1102 American smartphone users. The survey does not share what the persons used the smartphone for.

Research in other contries discloses a similar trend. For instance, a German study among youth reveals youngsters would prefer to abstain from sex than from their smartphone: 60% of the 14 to 19 years old would abstain from sex for one week; in contrast only 46% would abstain from their smartphone.

In case you don’t want to have this happening to you, you better make sure to have your phone out of reach in particular moments. You may set an OFFTIME.

*Quellen: 1) 2013 Mobil consumern habitsstudy (Jumio); 2) Smartphone und Handy für Jugendliche wichtiger als TV und Liebesleben (Congstar GmbH)

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