There are more important things in life | Oleksiy’s OFFTIME Story

Oleksiy (47) from Lviv, Western Ukraine uses OFFTIME for focusing when he’s busy and for making sure that the most important persons in his life are still able to reach him.

AlexSimkiv_ogI was used to old Nokia features to set up my phone to a certain profile for some defined time, say for an hour long meeting and I would return to the ‘normal’ mode afterwards. I lack the same functionality in my Android phone and when I heard about OFFTIME I was ready to give it a try. And as it turned out OFFTIME proved to be even more useful than I expected. I simply love this app very much. I have three contacts, persons to whom I want to be available at all times, including my beloved daughter, even during an OFFTIME. Offtime gives me confidence that I’ll not miss anything – but at the same time won’t be disturbed when I am busy with more important things.

Note by the Offtime team: Along with his story, Oleksiy told us also about a mysterious bug in the app that we promised to track down as soon as possible.

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