The Right to have a digital disconnection after work

Nowadays, after finishing the working day many employees, voluntarily or due to special requirements of their company, remain connected to their work from their mobile devices at home or on the street. The internet connection has increased the hours that an employee devotes to their work and this can harm the company.

OFFTIME App, in addition to helping you to disconnect in your free time, we also want your work addiction to end once you leave the office door. That’s why we offer you data on digital disconnection at work. What if OFFTIME helps you to disconnect?

France is the first country in the world that gives the worker the right to digital disconnection, after recognizing that because of new technologies the employee spends more hours working and his personal life is reduced. The digital disconnection of workers is a right that allows employees to respect work schedules and reconcile their personal lives with their work.

Due to the behaviors that professionals have developed in the new era, the way to end their day has been modified, people work remotely establishing a connection from their homes, they can answer emails from anywhere or make teleconferences with clients without being in the office.

Workers are experiencing symptoms such as burnout (chronic stress of a burned worker), tecnofatiga (fatigue caused by the continuous exposure to computer technology) and anticipatory stress that generates the wait for an e-mail outside working hours.

That is why measures have been proposed to avoid these symptoms, such as: improve the quality of life of the employee, reduce absenteeism, increase productivity, reduce employee stress and improve your motivation. Also, reducing staff turnover and improving the employer’s branding of the company, encourages the employee’s work-life balance .

Respecting the work schedules of workers will have a positive impact on the company’s results. Keep in mind that human concentration has limitations and an employee will be more productive the more receptive he is. That is why, whether you are employed as the owner of a company, these data and tips will make you think of respect for the disconnection of everything. Because sometimes, disconnect means connecting with what matters.

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