Have a game day.

Restrict computer games to one day a week and allow your kids to really play on that one day, so that it becomes something to look forward to.

Take vintage photos and create your family scrapbook.

Buy a polaroid camera and take photos, after that you can add them to a scrapbook with stickers! It can be a fun activity.

Make a game of screen free time

Turn screen free time into a game, OFFTIME APP can help you, you can share your time off with all family and blocks every app that you choice during this time, your family will be unplug for the time to set.

Collect stones and painting them

Enjoy outside and pick some stones to paint at home.

Share chores

Share the cleaning, washing and domestic activities. Chores are much fun when you have a conversation while you are doing it.

Family game

Play a board game together or start a puzle.


Enjoy the music with your kids, move your body and let yourself go.


Cook a meal altogether or just individually and see who the winner is.

Seek treasure

Create a treasure map and send your child on a treasure hunt.

Share the screen time

Every week you can share screen time with your family, for example, every Friday you can watch a film all together.


Life is changing too fast, due to the great presence that ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) have gained, with young people being the most affected by this sudden change.

The arrival of the so-called Digital Age has caused a transformation or evolution in our way of communicating, of relating to friends and people from our environment, whether near or far, our way of accessing information has changed, generating new ways of looking for a connection with the world around us.

Young people have taken the Internet as their natural way of communicating with the world, Is the human being directed towards the exclusive use of the Internet as a means of interrelation? If so, the human being is on the way to losing his abilities to interact with his peers.

Technology is a tool that we can use either to de-humanise or to re-humanise. The digital revolution gives us an opportunity to reconsider what it means to be a human-being, and then to leverage technology as we work to make that vision a reality.

Shared Offtimes – A Smart Way to Invite Your Friends to Put Their Smartphone Away

201605 _ OT _ Offtime _ Invite people to digital detox and unplug

Looking for a smart solution to free your surrounding from being clued to their screens? You found it! You can now invite your partner, friends, colleagues and kids to a shared Offtime. Check out our latest release that allows you to invite other people to your Offtime (Version 3.0+ on Android, Version 2.0+ on iOS). The ones who have Offtime already installed get a direct push notification directly to their screen that they just have to accept in order to go into an Offtime with you, everybody else gets a charmant email that you would like to give them their attention with a link to download the app and accept the invite. At the end of the shared Offtime an overview is shown with who stayed for how long. You’ll be surprised about the magic effect this has!

Enjoy your shared Offtimes!

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Solitude Focus Sharing Unplug Comic

We’re listing and looking for ‪#‎Offline‬ places – you know: places which are analog and where there is really no or very limited network connection, internet or are technology-free zones – in Berlin, Germany, EU or the US. Permanent and temporary, existing because of technical gaps or social norms, on the countryside or in the city. Do you know any? If so, please drop us a line via or @getofftime.

Some of the places we know already: Continue reading

Smartphone before sex?



Almost every tenth person (9%) used the smartphone during sexual intercourse; 20% of those who admit this are 18 to 34 year old.

This was found by the Mobile Consumer Habit Survey, comissioned by Jumio, conducted with 1102 American smartphone users. The survey does not share what the persons used the smartphone for.

Research in other contries discloses a similar trend. For instance, a German study among youth reveals youngsters would prefer to abstain from sex than from their smartphone: 60% of the 14 to 19 years old would abstain from sex for one week; in contrast only 46% would abstain from their smartphone.

In case you don’t want to have this happening to you, you better make sure to have your phone out of reach in particular moments. You may set an OFFTIME.

*Quellen: 1) 2013 Mobil consumern habitsstudy (Jumio); 2) Smartphone und Handy für Jugendliche wichtiger als TV und Liebesleben (Congstar GmbH)

Weniger vor dem Smartphone hängen…

Viele Menschen nehmen sich vor, endlich mal weniger Zeit mit dem Smartphone zu verbringen – und scheitern häufig. Wie kann man solch ein Ziel gut erreichen? Wir haben Tipps vom Psychologie-Professor Roy F. Baumeister zur Zielerreichung mal auf das Ziel “Smartphonenutzung reduzieren” angewendet:

1) Man sollte sich realistische Ziele setzen. Beginne beispielsweise damit, Dein Smartphone täglich für eine halbe Stunde “pausieren” zu lassen. OFFTIME kann Dir mit der Ziele-Funktion helfen, Ziele zu setzen.

2) Man sollte sein Verhalten gut einschätzen und beobachten. Beobachte also Dein Smartphoneverhalten – hierbei kann Dir die Insights-Funktion von OFFTIME helfen.

3) Man sollte schöne Dinge nicht verbieten, sondern gedanklich auf später verschieben. Dies ist ein einfacher psychologischer Trick, der umgehen soll, dass verbotene Dinge einem noch attraktiver erscheinen. Es gibt Funktionen deines Smartphones, die dir Spaß bringen? Mach Dir bewusst, dass Du Dir Smartphonenutzung nicht verbietest, sondern nur auf später verschiebst.

4) Belohne Dich für erreichte Ziele. Überlege Dir Dinge, mit denen Du Dich belohnen wirst, wenn Du Deine gesetzten Ziele erreicht hast!

Auf geht’s!! 🙂


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Quelle: Baumeister & Tierney: Willpower: Why Self-Control is the Secret to Success (2011)