Some answers to the next steps of our adventure

Hello dear friends,

on Friday the crowdfunding campaign ended very successfully. It took us some time to sort our thoughts and plan the next steps. Many of you probably want to know how our journey together will go on. If you have a questions that is not covered yet, please send us an e-mail to: startnext ( ät )

More details and the next steps we will send towards end of August — till then some of us will finally have some well earned holidays.

When do we get our rewards (Beta-Version of the App, T-shirts, deck chair, etc…)?
Most probably towards end of August. We are polishing the Alpha-Version of OFFTIME for Android right now, so you hopefully get a stable working version before September.

For the t-shirts and the printed deck chair we will work together with a local printer from Berlin, to have a real “design made in Berlin”. Here the same, we aim to make end of August.

When will the party take place?
There is definitely a lot to celebrate and even more to come. However, some of the 20 fans who supported us via the party option are still in vacation. The party will be around October/November, right after the Betaphase – and you will get a notice and the invitation at least one month in advance.

What will we do with the 17.159 € (+171 € that might still come)?
Most of the money will go into the development of the App so far – development and programming costs. Some of the money will go into the rent of our office-space in the betahaus in Berlin, the rest in smaller spendings like the film and like the payment-fees. Here is an overview:

As we passed the 13.000 Euro benchmark, we got another month of carefree working and will be able to develop some more features that we have planed or might be wished.

How far can we get with the iPhone development?
We got the great support from 14 people to develop OFFTIME for iOS as well and 700 Euro will go directly into that. From September onwards we will work more on the concept and look for possible cooperations to finance the rest of the development, we will keep you updated as soon as there are any news.

What else is there to know? New research you can participate in.
We have a great cooperation with the Humboldt University Berlin and some research coming up. When you would like to be part of this and see how OFFTIME does influence your well-being, please send us an email to startnext ( ät )

Can I still support OFFTIME if I have missed the deadline of the crowdfunding campaign?
You can still pre-order OFFTIME for Android here. Shipping will be towards end of the year.

You can also support us directly and donate to our cause via Paypal. The money will go towards our vision towards more free spaces in our hyperconnected world – more precisely into what is coming up next: (a) bringing the app towards market launch and the new features of our app that are demanded by our users (cross platform and any device, iPhone development etc.) and (b) into a new event we have planned for September on the Social Media Week in Berlin.

If you have a questions that is not covered yet, please drop us a line:

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