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re:publica - RE/CONNECT

re:publica 14 - INTO THE WILD

Check out the RECONNECT space to relax, recharge your phone,and grab a free detox drink at the re:publica 2014. Take a load off, and let’s talk about being connected, disconnecting, and reconnecting with the things that matter.

re:publica, RECONNECT Space, Tue 6.5. & Wed 7.5., 10 am – 5 pm

Brought to you by OFFTIME & Simyo.

The Big Picture

The digital world has become by Smartphone & Co to our constant companion – and requires constant attention. We can work anywhere, but work and leisure can hardly be separated. We are pioneers, but we are constantly looking for guidance. We’re just at the beginning of a new age and doubt but how we can make working and communicating a positive culture of an era. The smartphone as the primary contact when standing up – shall our future look like this? How do we want to spend our life and its best moments together? How can you keep balanced in an ever faster and hyperconnected world? How do we want to live and work in our hyperconnected world? 

At OFFTIME, we strive to provide sustainable solutions in the age of hyperconnectivity. We want to challenge the passive use of mobile technology, and enable people to become nut just more conscious of their digital consumption, but also to be in control. We support people to create bespoke bubbles of space and time, where they can be at ease. ‘Unplugging’ isn’t isolation, it’s an opportunity to reconnect. We want to bring people closer to the things that really matter to them, whatever that may be. Unplug and focus on your work, be with the people you care about, or simply enjoy some peace of mind.

While we’re extremely proud of our app, we also engage with these issues on a wider scale. We incorporate the latest psychological studies in our quest to find ways of increasing well-being and productivity.  We’re also collaborating with Humboldt University’s department of Psychology in some research concerning mobile technology use. This gives us an informed scientific foundation for our own work, and enables us to be active in promoting forward-thinking research in these topics. We also host interactive events that address the pitfalls of hyperconnectivity, and are always looking for ways to get the increasingly aware audience involved in the discussion.





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