RE/CONNECT at re:publica 14 – RECAP


In partnership with simyo, OFFTIME proudly hosted the RE/CONNECT space at re:publica 14, one of Europe’s largest social media conferences. As digital revellers of every species made their way around the conference, over five hundred gravitated towards the RE/CONNECT space to take a little time out, and to make a statement about their on/off-line lives. RE/CONNECT was also the setting for the successful launch of our app, ‘OFFTIME Preview’.

RE/CONNECT's entrance and bar.The RE/CONNECT Space

14122659302_a9708fa621_zAlex discussing the big picture during our launch event

In the space, we curated a soothing experience for each sense: clean white aesthetic, calming nature sounds, and wafts of aromatic lavender. Light projections of plants and water details were cast across the blank walls, creating a fitting backdrop for our event.

We set up two GoPro cameras taking photos every ten seconds in front of walls of white cubes. Visitors would write down or sketch something that portrayed their stance on unplugging, and how they ideally spend their time away from the internet and mobile technology. They then held up their statements for the camera. These statements, varying from the comic and whimsical to the earnest and sincere, were  used as inspiration for murals that were painted on one of the walls of white cubes, also captured on camera. In turn, the painted cubes comprising these walls were then released back into the conference as seating. In the RE/CONNECT space, visitors could also pick up free charging packs for their phones and tablets, and a free detox drink. Check out some statements below:


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You can find more photos from the event here:

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We’d like to say a huge thank you to Simon Kiepe from 10hoch16 for his creative direction and planning, which were instrumental in the realization of the event.

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