Can phones ruin our lifes?

First response to that will be no, but it is not true. New researches have found that our memory capacity, ability to process data, and general intelligence improves significantly when our smartphone is completely out of sight. Additionally, it was found that using a smartphone before bed can make it harder to fall asleep due to the blue light it emits. But one of the most important things that affect us is the one related to relationships.

Relations are so important but since the new digital era comes to our lives seems that phones are more important than people. People is paying more attention in devices that in his/her family or friends, this leads to antisocial and less empathetic behavior that ruining our lives. Are you aware of that? The dopamine hits we receive every time we get a push notification may be to blame, so much so that many of us have convinced ourselves that our push notifications are more important than who or what is around us.

We are continually scrolling obsessively through social media or checking our smartphone (studies shows that almost 85 times per day! And this often includes middle-of-the-night checks for work emails and new “likes”). We’re so obsessed that there’s now a word to describe a fear of being without your phone: “Nomophobia”. Everyday there are more and more addiction centers to people who spend all the time in games and internet, and some of them are just kids.

What should we do about this?

There are two paths to improving this situation. We can wait until a transformation of the technology change or we can do something by ourselves. Benefits will be more than you think: you will focus in the things that matter, be present, enjoy your relationships, sleep better and so more.

Offtime App can help you to balance your digital live, limit you time using your device to be present, focus in your work blocking your apps.

It is your decision, you decide how you want to spend your life, we just help you to improve it!

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