OFFTIME Crowdfunding: App Package and the Premium Features in more Detail

Many people want to support us with a larger amount of money, but they would like to know what the the app package with the premium version does include and what the exact difference to the normal version is. To be honest: we have many cool specials – some public, some of them still secret – but we still haven’t decided yet what will be free and what will become a premium feature. However, we will give everyone who supports our crowdfunding campaign and thus makes the development possible in the first place, full access to all of these neat and helpful features.

Preliminary version (5,- Euro)

App package: all Premium functions + support (15,- or two for 25,- Euro)

(-OFFTIME-)-Edition11 (-OFFTIME-)-Edition2

You’ll get exclusive access to our app before it is officially launched. Fuel the beta phase with your own ideas and help us define and take the last steps in developing the app.

Get the Preliminary version here.

Gets you the preliminary version and version 1.0 plus personal support and access to every premium function that we develop together with you for a year.

Get the App package here.

Premium features – The Sky has no Limit

Core features like blocking calls, text and apps should stay free of course. However, features like cross-device and any-device features, having it run in sync with your agenda and calendar or the actionable logs that will save you quite some time, might cost money at some point. You can see a more extended list of the existing features in our blog posting here. It might also be that the cut is not to have extra features or not, but that is based on special support or very heavy call and text handling.


The cross- and any device ability of our service and any other possibility to link OFFTIME to third-party-services might be another feature that most likely will be charged extra. Developing these bridges to specific software takes a lot of time and resources and won’t be something that the majority of users seek – but some of them do and thus will be willing to pay for it.

The same goes for another thing that some people really love and others hate: the possibility to customize the app and use different themes.


One very special feature, which you might have seen between the crowdfunding rewards, will most likely stay exclusive for a very limited number of people: the private edition with  a unique twist and a extra kick for you and your partner where you are given complete control over the other person’s OFFTIME.

Finding the right business model – and giving back to you!

It will take us another couple of months to find out which set of features everybody needs and which features are for power users only, who are happy to pay for them. Those paying users, should be just as many, that everyone out there can get the core feature of OFFTIME for free!

As you might know already, this crowd funding campaign serves us also as a way of finding out about our future: Is there a real need for what we develop? Is it possible to build a sustainable business on top of it? By supporting us, you show that you care about OFFTIME and the ideas behind it. But even if we find many who support us, we have to figure out, how we can sustain OFFTIME in the long run. A classic model is giving out a basic version free of charge, but taking money for premium features, functionality, or support once or via a monthly fee.

Whatever model we go for: Take the full app package and we promise that all the features that you develop with us during our BETA phase you will get for one year free of charge. After that year, we might have to talk again. However, we hope that we can find a solution that is fair to everyone – you being able to afford a great app and we being able to make a living building it.

We’re glad to have you here with us, right from the start. And we want to make sure that you as early supporters really get something special.

One thing to start with – let’s make the app package even more special: Everybody who comments on and shares this article in his social network within the week, will get 10 additional OFFTIME stickers with his app package and the app package discount deal! A very limited edition, which is normally included in the higher rewards only.

Shoot, if you have any other questions!

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