Nomophobia, FOMO and Phubbing: the new enemies of relationships in the 21st century

Our mobile phone has gone from being a useful tool in our lives, to a control device that is increasingly difficult to get rid of. Symptoms such as anxiety, nervousness, lack of concentration are some of the most serious symptoms. Welcome to the era of mobile addiction.

Surely you’ve heard the words “nomophobia”, “FOMO” and “Phubbing” when you hear about addiction to mobile phones and electronic devices. But do you know what they mean and what are their symptoms? In Offtime we want to explain them to you, so you can discover which one you can have without realizing it and remedy it before it’s too late.

Nomophobia is called the “irrational fear of leaving home without a mobile phone.” It began to be used in 2011 thanks to a study carried out in the United Kingdom. According to experts, one in every thousand people is addicted to their mobile phone. Do you feel anxiety, irritability and nervousness when you do not find your mobile or do not have it close? You may be showing symptoms of nomophobia.

FOMO or “Fear Of Missing Out”. It is an anxiety disorder related to the constant use of the mobile phone and it concerns the persono f losing moments or not being present in them, staying isolated or not feeling included. Young people and teenagers are the most vulnerable at the time of suffering from this disorder, since they are the group with the most dependence on social networks and whose contact with friends is what makes them feel included. The symptoms of FOMO are similar to those of Nomophobia; anxiety, low self-esteem, fear and even depression.

And finally, “Phubbing”. Have you ever sat down to eat and have you stopped and realized that everyone is without speaking and with their own mobile? Well that’s Phubbing, ignoring someone or not paying attention beause  you are with your mobile phone. Phubbing, in addition to damaging our relationships, can cause reciprocity. If you ignore the people with whom you are to look at the mobile, the other person will do the same. Phubbing is becoming a more and more accepted behavior, but the damage to the personal relationships it causes is not perceived. Couples, friends and families are giving space to their phones instead of choosing a good conversation or enjoying the moment.

Now that you know the damage that the mobile can cause in your personal relationships if you do not put measures, we recommend that you use Offtime as a group when you get together with your friends. Use Offtime to disconnect and truly enjoy the moments that matter..

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