Holidays are coming! And we need to enjoy that time as much as possible in order to recharge batteries! so before find a place where to go, you must be think about what you need to do or how to refill energy. Did you think about that?

Most of the people think that go to a new place will be enough to enjoy your holidays but the mind also needs a rest. If you are in a beach but you are checking your mobile every minute without see the views or enjoying the moment, you will feel that you did not have time to holidays.

There are some things that will help you to be present and reconnect with your body during your time off

1. Meditate. This habit will help you to reduce stress and promote your emotional health

2. Disconnect of your electronic devices. OFFTIME APP can help you to forget about your mobile during a period of time, this app will block your apps, calls and messages and you will be able to focus in what matters yo you, just relax your mind an reconnect with yourselves.

3. Take a relaxing walk, this will get you to cheer you up and it will make you see things more positively.

Also if you think that you cannot follow this tips alone, there are hotels that can assist you, for example Royal Hideaway Sancti Petri (Spain), This hotel will keep your phone in a locker so will not have temptation to check it, they offer yoga in a paradisaical place and you can have long relaxed walk along the beach.

These steps will make your vacation more enjoyable and fruitful

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