I began to get high marks | Ahmad’s OFFTIME Story

Ahmad Hesham Mohamed16 year old Ahmad Hesham Mohamed is the youngest participant who submitted a story. Ahmad lives in Egypt and attends High school. He enjoys the effect of OFFTIME on education: “I began to get high marks.”

Here’s Ahmad’s story:

Two years ago, I used by smartphone everywhere – more than five hours a day! Until one day I felt that I couldn’t see well in far sights anymore. So I visited a doctor who told me I had to wear glasses from now on. He also said that my eyesight would get worse in time because of my excessive smartphone use – my eyes are just too sensitive to the light of digital screens. First, I had a hard time using my phone less. But then searching the web I found this amazing app, called OFFTIME, and I began to have off-times every day. Doing so made me realize that I had missed many things. Gradually I became better at school. I spent more time with my family. I also began to learn new languages. And the last time when I visited the doctor he told me that my eyesight improved! That came as a surprise to me. I began to recommend OFFTIME to all of my friends. Thank you. Offtime.

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