Sleep Well and Recover Better—with an Analog Alarm Clock (the best analog&silent alarm clock)

Besser schlafen mit einem analogen Wecker!

If you use an analogue alarm clock on your bed instead of your smartphone, you sleep better, wake up more relaxed and set the course for a successful start to the day. Do yourself something good and buy an analog alarm clock – or give one to your friends and family. It is a small but really meaningful investment. However, it’s unbelievable how difficult it is is to find a good analog alarm clock that suites the standards of digital minimalist and technological simplicity. But I did searched and tested and in the following you’ll find an overview of a good—simple, silent and noiseless—analog alarm clock.

The Art of Detachment – Sleep and Rest Better

The quality of our sleep decreases when we take the computer and the smartphone to bed. The blue light of the screens not only keeps us awake, we also visit our favorite websites easily, because we do not want to miss anything, lose ourselves in the net, chase one unimportant message after another and even check our working e-mails instead (The Art of Detachment: Why Unplugging is the Best Way to Recharge). Nowadays even sex is interrupted by grasping the smartphone. And the next morning we start again from the beginning, although we would do well to start the day with the same Smartphone (read also: What successful people do with the first hour of their work day).

Digital Hygiene – Good Smartphone Usage

Everybody who wants to establish a good ‘digital hygiene’–i.e. scale down or limit the smartphone usage–can be supported by apps like OFFTIME for Android. However, not everyone can benefit from it (sorry, dear iPhone users, we working on it… but also Apple doesn’t really seem to want this) and some people even want go a step further: designate the bedroom or the entire apartment to a ‘technology-free zone’. Why is this unimaginable for many? Why does the implementation most probably fail? Exactly: because many use the smartphones build in alarm clock. Therefore, all experts in the field (including the digital therapist Anitra Eggler, the computer science professor Alexander Markowetz, Sleep author Arianna Huffington, and so on) recommend the smartphone to be left in front of the bedroom door and fall in love again with an alarm clock of the good old analog world.

Good Silent Analog Alarm Clock

Since it is not easy to find the appropriate analog alarm clock, I made myself on the hunt and tested like 15 to 20 different models. It was important for me not to get a technical gadget (which also measures sleep quality, awakens with daylight or makes a thousand other settings possible, such as the Philips Wake-Up Light Alarm Clock with a Coloured Sunris Simulation), but a simple, ‘analog’ and unobtrusive alarm clock that is silent and noiseless for the bedroom. Here is the result of my test:

Our Analog & Silent Alarm Clock Test


OFFTIME _ Technoline Geneva S Quarzwecker weißPLACE#5 – Technoline Geneva S Quarzwecker weiß

The Technoline alarm clock is priced at just under 9, – Euro. With a built-in snooze function and light, it gives hope for more. But the handling feels cheap and in the end, it has not survived three minutes: the loud clicking of the seconds hand annoyed me so much that I was forced to take the batteries out.

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OFFTIME _ Wetterladen TFA 60.1506.02 Lautloser Analoger FunkweckerPLACE#4 – Wetterladen TFA 60.1506.02 Lautloser Analoger Funkwecker

I’ve been looking forward to the TFA Wetterladen very much, as it seemed stylish, simple and uncomplicated. But the processing feels cheap, numerous buttons at the back to set the time is confusing and the alarm tone is running and shrill. In addition: the silent SWEEP movement is not at all silent, but with a constant siren.

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OFFTIME _ Casio Collection Wecker Analog Quarz TQ-140-7EF

PLACE#3 – Casio Collection Wecker Analog Quarz TQ-140-7EF

The Casio is the cheapest alarm clock under the selection we have tested (at Amazon just in the offer for a little more than 2,- Euro), although it is even shipped with a battery included. Despite the price, it feels robust and stable – just like the alarm sound. It comes without a snooze function and without a night light but with a fluorescent dial. A bigger shortcoming, however, is the ticking of the seconds hand, which is perceptible to sensitive ears.

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OFFTIME _ Braun Funkwecker Analog Snooze Funktion Deutsche Präzision Quarzwerk BNC007WHWH DCFPLACE#2 – Braun Funkwecker Analog Snooze Funktion Deutsche Präzision Quarzwerk BNC007WHWH DCF

The Braun Funkwecker Analog is the clear design winner and with the radio-controlled clock, nobody needs to be afraid that the correct time is not set. However, also with the Braun clock, I’m disturbed by the clicking of the minute hand (interestingly, in a 15-second interval), which should be avoidable in the production of a clock with a proud price of almost 40, – Euro (including battery). In the test for several days, however, this noise has not been as disturbing, but rather as pleasant and soothing. The built-in light, the slowly rising alarm tone and the snooze function round off the excellent design of the alarm clock.

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OFFTIME _ TFA Wetterladen 60.1013.02 Push Wecker, weißPLACE#1 – Wetterladen 60.1013.02 Push Wecker, weiß

The TFA is my winner in the test and favorite analogue alarm clock. At 16 euros, it occupies the middle position of the prices, but is well processed, moves silently and simply does what it should. The alarm tone is ascending in the volume, furthermore it has a night light as well as a snooze function.

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What analogue alarm clock do you use? And what are your experiences with it? I am looking forward to hearing from you. And if you found this posting useful, please do like it here at the bottom so that more people are able to discover it.


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