10 rules to go “hands-free” in your everyday routine

Our mobile has become an element that is always on top of our priorities. Hands and pockets have stopped being used for other mission than holding our device. Have you ever left the room leaving your mobile, or have you forgotten it and had to go back for it because you got nervous? We bring you ten little tips so that little by little you can forget your device.

In the previous post, we talked about the term „nomophobia“ (the disease suffered by those who must be all the time with the cell phone in their hands and feel panic if they leave it forgotten somewhere). If you think you can be within this definition, the following tips will help you enjoy the important things:

1. Use OffTime app. Our app allows you to disconnect from everything that may distract you. Use it when you are with your family and friends to be present in the conversation. When you are working or studying, turn on OffTime and focus on getting the most out of you. Leave the mobile in the drawer and let OffTime help you have more time.

2. Limit your data plan: we all love having data to be connected all day to Internet and at all times. But it is a double-edged sword, since it will make us connect more often. However, if we have limited data, we will think better when using our device when to stop browsing.

3. Remove apps: we know it will cost you, but deleting social network apps will make you have to enter the web version (not always very easy). If you do not have them installed, you will be lazy to enter the web version and you will see how little by little you will stop reviewing them so often.

4. Say no to always carry the charger. Leaving the charger? Seriously? Yes. When you have low battery and do not carry the charger, you stop using your mobile compulsively and consult it every so often (and you are more careful of what you see). Leaving the charger at home, you can pay attention to the people who go with you on the bus, see the landscape, and focus on your daily tasks without staring at the mobile phone every 3 minutes.

5. No notifications: When you keep the notifications of your social networks active and they burst onto the screen, we generate an uncontrollable desire to respond to a comment or answer a message. If you set your device to not receive notifications, you will only find out when you directly access any app. Focus on what you are doing at the moment and leave the phone for later.

6. Don’t be intense: do not use your mobile to tell what you do at any time. We all love to show a nice dish when we go to a restaurant but, what if instead of taking the phone you keep it and talk to whoever you are eating with? The moment of the meal is important, both when it comes to making a good digestion and to disconnect from the task to which we have to return later. Do not check-in where you go and value the moments that matter.

7. Celebrate those you love as they deserve. We love to post on social networks about birthdays or special days that we want. But, what if instead of a post you dedicate time of your day? A visit or a moment of coffee will make them feel more special. Leave the mobile aside and organize a plan that will make those you love feel valued.

8. Rest as many days as you can: Sundays do not work so DO NOT check your mail on weekends. You will not disconnect from your work or obligations, and you will lose time doing fun things.

9. How long have you not read, play a game of your favorite sport with your friends, or learn a new hobby? Time means opportunity. Invest in yourself, improve each day, grow and set goals. Leave your mobile at home and go out and discover the world.

10. Make everyone around you aware of the impulsive use of the mobile phone they make. Let them see how happy you are without using your mobile phone so much and you will see how they take your example. Contagiate a balanced lifestyle between your family and friends, so that moments are of quality. Talk to them about OffTime and do joint challenges.

Because in OffTime app we want you to pay attention to what really matters, disconnect. You will thank us later.

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