The Right To Disconnect & Digital Detox – Adjustment of Labor Law in the Digital Age

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In France a new adjustment of the labor law makes it’s way through the parliament: the right to disconnect. If you work in a company of 50 employees or more – and not in the consulting and IT industry only as it was previously – your company has to install tools that allow you to disconnect during your free time. Tools such as VW that power down their Blackberry servers, delete emails as with Daimler or the usage of our OFFTIME apps. The amendment has come about because studies show that in the digital age it’s become increasingly difficult for people to distance themselves from the workplace during their off hours. This new law allows people to get the full advantage of their time off. Something we can only support and also found supporting evidence in our studies. People who take Offtime can better detach mentally, relax and have a more work vigour which translates into a higher productivity.

Article 25 – Adjustment of the Labor Law in the Digital Age (Artikel L. 2242-8):

  1. The 6th is supplemented by the words “, including through digital tools available in the company; “
  2. There is added a 7th as follows: “The modalities of the right of the employee to disconnect and the implementation by the company of control mechanisms for the use of digital tools, for the purpose of guaranteeing the respect of rest periods and vacations as well as personal and family life. In case of a lack of agreement, the employer defines these modalities and communicates them to the employees by any means. In companies of at least 50 employees, these modalities are subject to a charter developed following the advice of the works council or, lacking one, of the staff representatives, which in particular provides for the implementation of training and awareness actions for the employees and the middle and senior managers for the reasonable use of digital tools.”

a (new) . – The state authorizes the establishment, not later than one year after the enactment of this Act and under conditions set by decree, a national testing of a period of twelve months on the articulation of time labor and reasonable use of electronic mail by employees and public officials. This experiment may lead to the enactment of guidelines for companies and governments.

II. – The I of this Article shall enter into force on 1 st  January 2017.

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