There are more important things in life | Oleksiy’s OFFTIME Story

Oleksiy (47) from Lviv, Western Ukraine uses OFFTIME for focusing when he’s busy and for making sure that the most important persons in his life are still able to reach him.

AlexSimkiv_ogI was used to old Nokia features to set up my phone to a certain profile for some defined time, say for an hour long meeting and I would return to the ‘normal’ mode afterwards. I lack the same functionality in my Android phone and when I heard about OFFTIME I was ready to give it a try. And as it turned out OFFTIME proved to be even more useful than I expected. I simply love this app very much. I have three contacts, persons to whom I want to be available at all times, including my beloved daughter, even during an OFFTIME. Offtime gives me confidence that I’ll not miss anything – but at the same time won’t be disturbed when I am busy with more important things.

Note by the Offtime team: Along with his story, Oleksiy told us also about a mysterious bug in the app that we promised to track down as soon as possible.

I began to get high marks | Ahmad’s OFFTIME Story

Ahmad Hesham Mohamed16 year old Ahmad Hesham Mohamed is the youngest participant who submitted a story. Ahmad lives in Egypt and attends High school. He enjoys the effect of OFFTIME on education: “I began to get high marks.”

Here’s Ahmad’s story:

Two years ago, I used by smartphone everywhere – more than five hours a day! Until one day I felt that I couldn’t see well in far sights anymore. So I visited a doctor who told me I had to wear glasses from now on. He also said that my eyesight would get worse in time because of my excessive smartphone use – my eyes are just too sensitive to the light of digital screens. First, I had a hard time using my phone less. But then searching the web I found this amazing app, called OFFTIME, and I began to have off-times every day. Doing so made me realize that I had missed many things. Gradually I became better at school. I spent more time with my family. I also began to learn new languages. And the last time when I visited the doctor he told me that my eyesight improved! That came as a surprise to me. I began to recommend OFFTIME to all of my friends. Thank you. Offtime.

Social Media is for when I’m tired | Alice’s OFFTIME Story

Alice (26) majored in Media & Digital Culture. Originally from the Netherlands, she now works in Berlin’s famous co-working space ‘Betahaus’ where digital is home. Convinced of technical blocking methods, she thinks that Social Media is most tempting in moments of boredom and exhaustion.

Here’s Alice’s story:

Ironically, I most often feel like having social media distractions when I’m either tired or overwhelmed. Of course allowing myself to get distracted in such moments only makes things worse, and therefore I make sure upfront that I can’t. Whenever I don’t need to be on social media for work reasons, I use the Selfcontrol app on desktop. It disables me from opening any social media for the next couple of hours (I can pick how many hours, which social media, etc.). I’ve never used OFFTIME because my phone is too old, but I can’t wait to start using it! It would be great to have a social media block that I can use during leisure time too.

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