Life is changing too fast, due to the great presence that ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) have gained, with young people being the most affected by this sudden change.

The arrival of the so-called Digital Age has caused a transformation or evolution in our way of communicating, of relating to friends and people from our environment, whether near or far, our way of accessing information has changed, generating new ways of looking for a connection with the world around us.

Young people have taken the Internet as their natural way of communicating with the world, Is the human being directed towards the exclusive use of the Internet as a means of interrelation? If so, the human being is on the way to losing his abilities to interact with his peers.

Technology is a tool that we can use either to de-humanise or to re-humanise. The digital revolution gives us an opportunity to reconsider what it means to be a human-being, and then to leverage technology as we work to make that vision a reality.

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