We have a winner!

Through August and September we asked people what’s important for them when it comes to taking time off from the digital. We wanted to get to know people who unplug and do Digital Detox, take OFFTIME and are in control of their connectivity. What’s their story?

Many of you wrote us and took part in the OFFTIME Stories contest. And now, after 2 weeks of intense voting, we have a winner-story in the community voting:

Congrats, Johannes! “Im Digitalen Wahn nicht Versinken” is the winning story of our community voting!

Our high ranked jury selected five more stories on its own and ranked them as follows:

  1.  “Marokko” by Benjamin
  2. “Mitten drin und doch ganz weit weg” by Karl-Heinz
  3. “Give Me Tea or Give me Death” by Maheen
    “6293 Minutes and Twinkies – Time To Disconnect” by Mikaela
    “Das Leben in vollen Zügen genießen” by Stephanie

Thank you to everyone who participated! We’ll get in touch with the winners in the coming days.

If you haven’t done so already, get the OFFTIME app for Android or iOS now. If you haven’t participated yet and think, you have your own story to tell, please write it down and send it to us!




What a ride! OFFTIME for Android took off and was named by Google as one of the “Best Apps of 2014” – and iOS is soon to launch into beta! But before that: Join us next week at SXSW, Austin/US, in New York/US or at the CeBIT (Hannover/Germany) to talk about new challenges and sustainable solutions in the age of hyperconnectivity – and bespoke bubbles of space and time, where people can be at ease and in control.

Micha will be in Austin (Friday 13th – Wednesday 18th) and New York (Thursday 19th, – Saturday 21st), alex will be speaking in Hannover (Wednesday 18th, and Thursday 19th) – get in touch and meetup: micha@offtime.co / @mmmuks or alex@offtime.co / @quanders. Read on to know where to find us at the spot.

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OFFTIME takes off: 50.000 users

ot_50000_usersWhat a start: Just 2 weeks after our launch we reached 50.000 OFFTIME users yesterday.

We’re are very thankful for all the feedback, the excellent ratings (we’re glad that we can keep our 4.1/4.2 rating for a start) and all the friendly messages we got. Not to mention the amazing press coverage that we got. The article on techcrunch really got things moving. Positive reviews on the next web and many other tech sites followed. Thanks to our friends at openers we quickly managed to get in touch with major german and international newspapers, putting the results of our scientific study into place – even french, south american and indian press covered the story.

Share your OFFTIME experiences with us!

We’re looking forward to hear – and read – about your OFFTIME experience! What do you do in your OFFTIME? How do you use the app?

Share your story – and let us and others know! Email us to on@offtime.co – We have 50 € Amazon vouchers for the best three stories that hit our inbox.

We’re looking forward to the upcoming weeks and to welcoming our next 50.000 users!
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Say “goodbye” to constant availability: time-out app Offtime is set to reduce stress


Berlin start-up Offtime launches its 1.0 version in collaboration with Humboldt University in Berlin – supported by a study which shows reliable data regarding its positive psychological effects

  • Offtime allows effective unplugging from the smartphone
  • The use of Offtime significantly contributes to a better recovery from work
  • At the same time, positive effects on work motivation are reflected

Berlin, 1st of October 2014. Today for the first time, Berlin start-up Offtime is going live with version 1.0 of its “unplugging” app in the Google Play Store. Already in early May, Offtime introduced a Preview at the re:publica 2014. The official launch is supported by a new work-life-balance study, conducted in cooperation with the Humboldt University in Berlin. This is the first time that reliable data regarding the positive effects of controlled smartphone “offtime” is presented. Co-founder and designer of the app, Michael Dettbarn, says, “we are very excited to go live with the new Offtime. In the last few months, thanks to the feedback we have received from our Preview users, we have continuously improved the app. In addition, he claims “the immediate positive effects from the use of Offtime on a daily basis are also shown by the results of our study at Humboldt University. We could not have wished for a better proof of concept.”

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Schlagzeile statt Randnotiz – Minister zu Besuch bei OFFTIME!

Bundesfrauenministerin Manuela Schwesig und Bundeswirtschaftsminister Sigmar Gabriel im Gespräch mit OFFTIME © BMWi/Susanne Eriksson

Bundesfrauenministerin Manuela Schwesig und Bundeswirtschaftsminister Sigmar Gabriel im Gespräch mit OFFTIME
© BMWi/Susanne Eriksson

“Gabriel blieb an der Work-Life-Balance-App hängen”, titelte zu unserer Freude die Welt letzte Woche. Statt einer Randnotiz hatten wir es in die Schlagzeile geschafft. Wie es dazu kam und was wir gelernt haben, erfahrt ihr hier.

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