6 things you can do when you wake up without using your mobile

We all use our electronic devices to set the alarm when we wake up every morning, that’s clear. But we also know that it is increasingly difficult for us to get out of bed when we look at all the social networks, news and apps as soon as we wake up. But, what if our morning routine could help us start the day better and be more effective without the need to use a cell phone? At Offtime we give you the solution so that the first 24 minutes of the day are digital free.

 1. Brush your teeth (2 minutes)

 Even if we wash our teeth before going to bed, our mouth dries out during the night, causing it to produce less saliva and increase bacteria. Washing your mouth deeply and starting the morning with a fresh mouth will make you start the day differently.

2. Drink water (1 minute)

Drinking cold water as soon as you wake up makes our body and mind activate after the night’s rest, so a glass is all you need to get going.

3. Meditate (7 minutes)

Meditating is not just about investing 30-40 minutes. Just as Offtime helps you to disconnect, there are many apps that help you invest a small time in meditation and this will make your perspective of the day always more positive. But for a total disconnection, audiobooks or CDs will help you too. Clarifying the mind, silencing your brain and filling yourself with good energies are only 7 minutes that will make a big difference.

4. Concentration (5 minutes)

Although concentrating and meditating seem the same, they have nothing to do with it. While meditation leads to calmness, concentration brings us to all the tasks of the day and how to organize ourselves to get the most out of our time. Set goals so that at the end of the day, you can see with pride that you have achieved it.

5. Exercise (7minutes)

Moving and exercising when you wake up not only keeps you in shape, but also spreads oxygen throughout the body. Preparing a basic table with several basic exercises will help you train all the parts of the body. You just need concentration!

6. Stretch (2 minutes)

 After the exercise, stretching is very important not only to avoid injuries, but to not lose the flexibility that is reduced with age.

After these 6 steps in which you have only invested 24 minutes, you will be ready to start your day in the best way without using your mobile device. Remember to open Offtime and you can count the minutes without using your device. Disconnect and enjoy your life with Offtime app.

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