Sleep Well and Recover Better—with an Analog Alarm Clock (the best analog&silent alarm clock)

Besser schlafen mit einem analogen Wecker!

If you use an analogue alarm clock on your bed instead of your smartphone, you sleep better, wake up more relaxed and set the course for a successful start to the day. Do yourself something good and buy an analog alarm clock – or give one to your friends and family. It is a small but really meaningful investment. However, it’s unbelievable how difficult it is is to find a good analog alarm clock that suites the standards of digital minimalist and technological simplicity. But I did searched and tested and in the following you’ll find an overview of a good—simple, silent and noiseless—analog alarm clock.
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Google’s Best Apps 2014 – including OFFTIME

Google Best Apps of 2014 - with OFFTIMEThere are more than 1 million apps available – we’re flattered to be part of Google’s selection of the best Apps of 2014 in ​over a stunning ​29 31 36 countries. Among the selected ones are amazing apps like SwiftKey, IFTTT, Sunrise Calendar​ and ​the fellow Berlin based Wunderlist, EyeEm and komoot (you can also read about it on

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