To take off for real, it will take more than just a name. We need a roaring crowd to stand behind us. That is why we decided to start a crowdfunding campaign. The first users are trying out the Alpha Version of our App already but we hope to take a leap forward once the campaign gains speed. With your help, our Beta Phase could shape a product that supports you to find well-being and productivity in an ever connected world. Stay tuned, more info will follow soon – sign up at our newsletter and get to know about it first!

Hello world — with a new name

What a ride – and it is just the beginning. The last weeks have been crazy. Not just did we increase our team size and opened many closed barrels again, to include and take everyone along, we also went with Matthias through a whole branding process and name search. After having stormed through 500+ possibilities, checked 50 names more seriously and having registered another 30 domains hastily… Finally, we have a name — and we are ready for the next stage!  


The beginning with the name ”Master & Slave”

Michael and I started off about a year ago with our first name. Micha’s girlfriend Merce came up with the name ‘Master & Slave’ in the brainstorming session before, with reference to Hegel’s master–slave dialectic. When we had our first official meeting a couple of days later (to meet Mo and Simon from Bitstars in Aachen), we registered a domain and printed some business cards last minute — and so we became partners at ‘Master & Slave’. Continue reading

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